Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another 100 Miles?

The skin on the bottom of my feet still hasn't grown back yet (from the 100 mile race I did in South Dakota three weeks ago), but I'm getting ready to attempt another 100 miler this weekend in Lake Tahoe!

On Saturday, July 16 I will join a hundred or so other crazy souls as we attempt to race 100 miles through the mountains on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

While I was supremely confident going into my hundred miler in South Dakota (having no doubt in my mind that I would finish) this time around I am a bit more nervous. Perhaps it's because this course has already gotten the best of me once before when I dropped out at mile 75 two years ago. Or perhaps, more importantly, I'm worried about the fact that I'm still missing large patches of skin on the soles and heels of my feet.

In any case, I'm not feeling very cocky, or even especially confident right now. So I will spare you guys from having to read any fancy prose about the spirit of Crazy Horse carrying me on the back of his horse across the mountains (or any such other nonsense) this time around. No, I think the best I can do is muster up some half-hearted proclomation like, "I've done it before. I know I can do it again. It's time to go out there and take care of business". I guess that's better than my first idea for a motivational mantra, which was basically, "This is definitely going to suck a lot. And I'm dreading it."

Wish me luck! Those of you interested in following the race should be able to get live updates on the Webcast once the race is underway starting at 5:00 am PST (8:00 am EST) on Saturday, July 16. In case there are problems wiht the Webcast there is also a Facebook page and a Twitter stream.

On a side note, whenever I am feeling anxious, scared, worried, or utterly despondent about an upcoming race I simply watch this short video and then (after I wipe the tears of joy out of my eyes) I always feel instantly better:

Watch more videos on Flotrack

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